Library resources play an important role in learning. The School now has a library well stocked with periodicals and books of general reference for teachers and students. Books are generally issued to students once a week to take home. Students are responsible to replace lost or damaged books.  School bags, food or drinks are not allowed in the library. Silence must be strictly maintained to create an atmosphere of study / learning.


 No student is allowed to enter the computer lab outside the class hours without permission. Silence must be observed. Students must be attentive to the instructions. No one is allowed to enter the computer lab with a bag and food. The use of CD, VCD, DVD and Pen-drive are strictly forbidden.


 The school offers a variety of co-curricular activities – Sports Competitions, Guitar Club, Dancing, Choir Singing, Art & Painting Competitions, School Newsletters, Yearly Magazine, Debating Club, Chess Club, and Quiz Competition. It is through these activities that the students discover their strengths and talents. So students are encouraged to make good use of these opportunities.


 These are arranged and organized by the School. Prior written permission from the parent / guardian to take part is a MUST.


 As far as possible a silent atmosphere must be kept everywhere so as not to disturb classes.


The School is under the supervision of CCTV camera and all the students are monitored through it. We are also taking precautions and practicing Fire Drills and Earthquake Drills as and when necessary.  


 All are equal and everyone at school shares in the responsibility of providing a positive and safe academic environment. During class periods students are expected to maintain a quiet atmosphere. The students are also expected to be honest, co-operative, and respectful to everyone, take care of the school property, and maintain cleanliness and tidiness all around. A student must refrain from fighting, using bad language, using threats either inside or outside school, theft and cheating during examinations. He / She must take care of his / her books and other personal belongings. Since it is a co-ed school students are expected to behave according to the culture of the country. Inappropriate behavior will result in dismissal of the student. The School reserves the right to dismiss any student for what it judges to be serious violation of the above student regulations. A student must not be involved in any kind of misconduct outside the school, which will bring a bad name to the School.

The School Authority reserves the right to change the section of any student if need be.


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