The School is under the supervision of CCTV camera and all the students are monitored through it. We are also taking precautions and practicing Fire Drills and Earthquake Drills as and when necessary.  




All are equal and everyone at school shares in the responsibility of providing a positive and safe academic environment. During class periods students are expected to maintain a quiet atmosphere. The students are also expected to be honest, co-operative, and respectful to everyone, take care of the school property, and maintain cleanliness and tidiness all around. A student must refrain from fighting, using bad language, using threats either inside or outside school, theft and cheating during examinations. He / She must take care of his / her books and other personal belongings. Since it is a co-ed school students are expected to behave according to the culture of the country. Inappropriate behavior will result in dismissal of the student. The School reserves the right to dismiss any student for what it judges to be serious violation of the above student regulations. A student must not be involved in any kind of misconduct outside the school, which will bring a bad name to the School.

The School Authority reserves the right to change the section of any student if need be.



No student is allowed to bring a mobile phone, camera (special permission required on occasion), video tapes, CD, VCD, DVD, magazines, Newspaper, weapons to school. Use of tobacco or dangerous drugs will automatically be considered sufficient causes for dismissal. Girls and Boys are advised to dress modestly. Girls are also advised to maintain ethical and morally healthy relationship during school and outside school hours.



 It is said that the home is the first school and parents are the first teachers of their children. So the parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility, first by creating a home where love, respect, kindness, caring, sharing, tolerance, forgiveness, sense of justice and self-control are the rules. Parents have a great responsibility to give good example to their children, to encourage and show interest in their progress. Parents are kindly encouraged to take keen interest in the learning process of their children.



The school maintains a HEALTH RECORD for every student. Parents are required to furnish the details correctly and hand it over to the School Office upon enrollment. If a student be medically restricted from participating in certain school activities the parents must submit a physician’s letter to the school to ensure the child’s safety.






Students’ Pick-up Authorization Cards are issued to the children of all classes and held by parents. In case the Parents / Guardians cannot come to receive their children from the school, they are required to hand over this Identity Card to the person authorized to pick up their child. We request our parents to authorize one known person to accompany their child for their own safety.

All the students must wear their Identity Card to school regularly.



Students may be requested by teachers to remain in class during break to complete school assignments or to discuss about their behavior. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual lateness, disobedience or objectionable behavior of any kind may result in removal of a student from the school.  The School reserves the right to expel any student upon receipt of three warning letters.  The Parent / Guardian will be summoned before such action is taken.  Should a student be expelled, fees will not be refunded. You will be informed by way of written notices from the teacher should any such problem arise.




The promotion of a child shall be determined by the Principal/ Vice Principal in consultation with class and subject teachers.

We recognize that each possibility of retention should be considered individually. The basic guide is this: a student will be retained in the same grade if he/she is academically low, Grand Total Marks are less than 60% and failing in more than one subject, if he or she is socially / physically immature, or if there is hope that another year in the same grade level will result in overall improvement. Parents will be notified if this possibility exists as soon as we are aware of any such problem.

Once a child has received a "Detained" Progress Report, there is no chance for reversal of this decision or promotion on trial basis.




Students are advised to bring text books, exercise books, stationery and art supplies according to their daily class routine to avoid carrying extra weight. The students name, section should be clearly written on all exercise books and in the inside cover of the text books. Photocopy textbooks are not allowed. Parents are requested to ensure that only the original version and the current edition of the textbook is provided by the Booksellers.  

All kinds of English and Bengali Medium School Text Books, Exercise Books and Stationery items are available at


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