(Rev.) Asa Michael Kain


A. G. Church School/Dhaka

Dear parents, guardian and our students,

I am very pleased to inform you that the upgraded and updated website is now with you.  This is an interactive site which allows you to access everything you need to know about the school and your child’s progress in academics and any relevant field.   Each child will have his or her own password to log into their account and get to know all about themselves. The parents can also take the password and be participant in your child’s overall development.

Basically you are just one click away from the most important information you need on your child. I sincerely hope this will serve the purpose for which it has been created and you will get hold of this opportunity to be involved with our teachers into the wellbeing of your children.

We continue to be committed in serving all our parents, students and AG Church school family towards excelling in every aspect of our children.

Keep in touch.



Assemblies of God Church School/ Dhaka

Thank you for being with us

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